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BP1510 Skinning machine (mini)


This equipment can be equipped with a sharp knife and an upper roller, providing additional safety and creating pressure for deep sanding when processing fresh or smoked salmon fillets.

The machine can be supplied with a stainless steel stand on which an additional skin collection device can be installed, which can be connected directly to the existing drainage system in the processing shop. Thus, your shop will always remain clean and dry.

Can be used for desiccation:

  • Whole fish: all kinds of small flounder, DAB, rhombosolea, pelotret, Pacific malorota, Atlantic long flounder, seriola, halibut, black halibut;
  • Deep sanding of salmon fillet;
  • Fillet: White fish such as cod, Saida, haddock, sea burbot, menek, salmon, eel, catfish, smoked eel, torso of Katran and almost any freshwater fish such as pike, pike, etc.

Technical parameters:

  • Operating personnel: 1
  • Speed: +/- 22 м/мин
  • Working width. mm:300
  • Voltage:220-440 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Performance: 0.55 kW/3F
  • Length: 690 mm
  • Width: 314 mm
  • Height: 239 mm
  • Weight, kg: 43
  • Technical specification:

    This equipment can be manufactured according to the technical specifications of the customer, based on the volume of raw materials, the required output power and other data.

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