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BP1571 Шкуросъемная машина (автоматическая)


This equipment is designed for deeper processing and removal of dark meat from salmon and other fish, for example, from tilapia, barramundi, light-footed pike, young pike and catfish.

The machine produces fillets of higher quality, meets the most stringent sanitary and hygienic requirements, has a new design and is made of stainless steel, which simplifies its cleaning and reduces water costs.

The belt can be removed from the conveyor without using any tools (the conveyor frame can remain on the machine).

Thus it is possible to disinfect easily a tape, thus any detail is not put on a floor.

The entire blade unit, as well as the feed rollers, can be removed from the machine without using any tools.

On the outside of the machine, you can adjust the position of the knife for sanding, which allows you to choose either high product yield or deep sanding (according to customer requirements). BP1571 also has a dual flow, which guarantees an adequate volume of production.

Can be used for skinning:

  • A variety of fillets

Technical parameters:

  • Operating personnel: 1 – 2
  • Speed: +/- 17 m/min
  • Working width, mm:490
  • Voltage: 220-440 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Capacity: 1.6 kW/3F
  • Length: 2920 mm
  • Width: 950 mm
  • Height: 1260 mm
  • Weight, kg: 390
  • Water consumption, l/min: 9
  • Technical specification:

    This equipment can be manufactured according to the technical specifications of the customer, based on the volume of raw materials, the required output power and other data.

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