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BP1600 cutting Conveyor (cutting line)


Cutting the carcass, dozachistka, decapitation. The conveyor is designed for manual cutting of fish with a knife.
We make conveyors on the necessary quantity of workplaces, under various types of cutting which will be carried out by workers. This equipment optimizes the cutting process so that there is maximum productivity and ease of work for employees.

Example of a pipeline:

  • The conveyor has two levels of transportation:
    • I-the upper (chain) conveyor is designed for feeding fish boxes to workplaces;
    • II – lower (tape-modular) conveyor is designed for removal of waste;
    • To load the boxes at the beginning of the conveyor, there is an inclined roller track.

Technical parameters:

  • Number of jobs: according to the customer’s TOR
  • The area of the desktop (polyethylene), mm:320 х 900
  • Total power consumption: 0.6 kW
  • Technical specification:

    This equipment can be manufactured according to the technical specifications of the customer, based on the volume of raw materials, the required output power and other data.

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