BP1890 smoke Generator


The smoke generator is the equipment in which as a result of decay of wood smoke of Smoking is formed. The type of wood used for Smoking greatly affects the color of the product. For example: oak and alder wood gives a Golden-yellow and brown color, respectively.
The smoke generator is a hermetic equipment in which as a result of processing of a dry shaving with humidity of 12 – 20% at a temperature of 360 °C smoky smoke is made.

The smoke has a temperature no higher than 54 °C at the outlet of the smoke generator and is dry.

The smoke generator consists

    • tube tank;
    • the stirrer motor, which drives the dz-100 smoke generator stirrer;
    • servomotor, which drives the stirrer of the smoke generator;
    • drive motor agitator smoke generator DZ-100 or for cameras one and two-telescopic drives the agitator smoke generator DZM-50;
    • the channel with a steam heater and a scraper;
    • smoke temperature sensor;
    • water sprinkler;
    • dividing pipe;
    • inflatable air motor with filters;
    • pneumatic control valve;
    • transformer’s
    • smoke generator warmers (24 V);
    • flue pipe;
    • furnace with a drawer.

    The smoke generator is manufactured with stainless steel.

  • Technical specification:

    This equipment can be manufactured according to the technical specifications of the customer, based on the volume of raw materials, the required output power and other data.

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