BP3410 Glazier


This equipment is designed for icing frozen (up to -18 °C) fish fillet. Water on the fillet is supplied under pressure from the nozzles placed above and below the travel route. This is achieved due to the fact that the carrier tape is mesh. The supply of drinking water and the necessary pressure is provided by the pump from the intermediate tank with ice.

Technical parameters:

  • Conveyor speed: 0.14 m/s
  • Width of working area: 0,8 m
  • Type of net conveyor belt: FFS-DUMMY-001 – “Osterloch”
  • Type of net conveyor belt: MR V40-63 B6–”Rossi Motoriduttori”
    • power: 0.12 kW
    • turnovers: 22.5 vol./mine
  • ОTank volume: 0,5 м³
  • Pump: type CA 120/35
    • power: 1.5 kW
    • performance: 8.4 m3 / h
  • Power supply: 380 V / 3F / 50 Hz
  • Technical specification:

    This equipment can be manufactured according to the technical specifications of the customer, based on the volume of raw materials, the required output power and other data.

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